Track & Field Results

Track & Field Results
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Meet NameMeet DateMeet LocationSportCompetition LevelResults File
Indy Relays04/15/2006IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldCollege/UniversityResults
Bill Self Invitational04/21/2006Franklin Community High School, Franklin, IndianaTrack & FieldHigh SchoolResults
Hendricks County Championships05/04/2006IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldHigh SchoolResults
Butler Twilight Invitational05/06/2006IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldCollege/UniversityResults
Indiana USATF Masters Championships05/10/2006IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldMastersResults
Horizon League Championships05/12/2006IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldCollege/UniversityResults
Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Championships05/17/2006IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldMiddle SchoolResults
Hanover College Invitational03/24/2007Hanover College, Hanover, IndianaTrack & FieldCollege/UniversityResults
Johnson County Championships04/17/2007Franklin Community High School, Franklin, IndianaTrack & FieldHigh SchoolResults
Bill Self Invitational04/20/2007Franklin Community High School, Franklin, IndianaTrack & FieldHigh SchoolResults
Hendricks County Championships04/24/2007IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldHigh SchoolResults
All Catholic Championships04/27/2007IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldHigh SchoolResults
Stan Lyons Invitational04/28/2007IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldCollege/UniversityResults
Mid State Conference Championships05/01/2007IUPUI, Indianapolis, IndianaTrack & FieldHigh SchoolResults
Shelbyville Elementary Championships05/02/2007Shelbyville High School, Shelbyville, IndianaTrack & FieldElementary SchoolResults
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